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Millennial Money Moves: Becoming Your Own Boss (BYOB)

Becoming a Boss doesn't just take place in the boardroom. Becoming a Boss means taking control of your financial life. Whether it be getting out of debt so Sallie Mae no longer controls your check or starting your own company so that you control your own check, becoming your own Boss is definitely the way to go. Join us as we have a candid conversation about becoming your own boss with a couple of people who have done it before.

Adaobi Gwacham.jpg

Adaobi Gwacham

Chick-fil-a Owner and Operator

Collins Nzekwe.png

Collins Nzekwe

Founder, Lex Consulting Group

BYOB Becoming your own boss - Ogechi Igbokwe.png

Ogechi Igbokwe

Founder, OneSavvyDollar


Millennial Money Moves Part 2: Crypto vs. Stocks | Investments

Crypto-currencies have made numerous headlines over the past year.  People on this wild ride have seen prices of Bitcoin jump from $1,000 to $19,000 :-), as well as prices drop from $19,000 to $6,000 :-(.  Come join us as we pick the brains of a few savvy investors and discuss what cyrpto currencies are, as well as thoughts on how you should invest.  We also take a close look at the comparison with traditional stocks to see which route may be the smarter way to go.

Chiogorom Osu .jpg

Chiagoram Osu

Vice President, Lotus Group | UIU Tristate Chapter President

Ijeoma Ikechi.jpg

Ijeoma Ikechi 

Associate Director, Business Applications | Author, Crypto, Now What? A Beginner's Step by Step Guide to CryptoCurrency Investing

Okwuchukwu Okoli.jpeg

Okwuchukwu Okoli

Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine

For the Sake of Love

Whether you are single, engaged, or married our relationship session has something for everyone. This year we are glad to welcome Ekene Agabu and Ekene Onu to give us insights in creating loving relationships, for the sake of love. Hosted by MC Chaz

Ekene Agabu.jpg

Ekene Agabu

Relationship Expert

Ekene Onu.jpg

Ekene Onu

Founder, Refresh with Ekene

Mc Chaz.jpg

MC Chaz


UIUTalk: A Conversation with Igbo Trailblazers

UIUTalk is all about providing a platform for ideas worth spreading. In reference to this year’s convention theme, Igbo Di Egwu, this event session aims to inspire younger generations by highlighting stories of trailblazers who decided to pave their own path and embrace their most authentic selves with hopes of igniting a passion for attendees to follow their passion and pave their way to success

Chinwe Esmai.JPG

Chinwe Esimai

Managing Director, Citigroup Inc., 

Akuoma Omega.jpeg

Akuoma Omeoga




Stephen Ozoigbo

CEO, Africa Technology Foundation

Ngozi Onwumere - Nigerian Bobsled Team.jpg

Ngozi Onwumere



Igbo Influencers: Reshaping Blackness in Popular Culture

The objective for this panel is to generate discussion around the diverse faces (primarily Igbo influencers) of the black experience and bring visibility and critical analysis to the growing convergence of entrepreneurship, tech, politics, music, dance, and how these factors are shaping the future in the diaspora and Africa.

Tobe Nwigwe Version 2.jpg

Tobe Nwigwe

Rapper and Edutainer

Karen Okonkwo Headshot.jpg

Karen Okonkwo

Co - Founder, TONL

Ifeoma Ike .jpg

Ifeoma (Ify) Ike, Esq.

Activist, Attorney, and Founder, ThinkRubix

Lizzy Okoro.jpg

Lizzy Okoro

Founder and CEO, YesRally

Ugo Mozie.jpg

Ugo Mozie 

International Fashion Designer and Founder, WANA

You Got a Job, Now What? A Guide to Accelerating Your Career

Congratulations! You’ve gotten a call with the good news; you got the job! A lot of people in this situation might think- “whew, now I can relax, cruise a while and rest on my laurels.” Actually, your work is just beginning, but so can your glory! Once you’re on the job, there are many immediate career challenges to attend to. Join us in this engaging session as we navigate through the essentials of accelerating your career in the early stages. Your first five years could either be the most difficult of your career or the most useful. Learn how to make a significant  impact and create that close-to-perfect permanent impression, that people in your organization will have of you and your capabilities.

Adaora Okoro.JPG

Adaora Okoro

Energy Marketing & Trading Financial Analysis Advisor, Southern California Edison

Kingsley Ufere.jpg

Kingsley Ufere

 Lead Instrument Engineer & NSBE Recruiting Team Lead, Chevron Corp | UIU Los Angeles Chapter President


The Color of Leadership: Igbos Breaking Boundaries in the Workplace

Racial and Afro-ethnic stereotypes overlap to create a unique and uniquely powerful stereotype. According to one study, Nigerians are likely to succeed in the workplace given cultural norms around strong work ethic. According to other studies Nigerians are negatively impacted by sins of a corrupt mass. Whether it’s our accents, way of life, approach to work or getting results; Nigerians and more-so Igbos offer a unique brand in the workplace. Some say that we are one of the most misunderstood people, by both Africans and non-Africans. This session delves into the work-place experiences of industry leaders of Igbo heritage, with unique insight into what sets them apart from their peers. We will learn from both their failures as well as their successes; ultimately leaving with the right tools to take us to the next level. #levelUp #IgboDiEgwu

Nkem Okafor.JPG

Nkem Okafor

System Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Methodist Health Systems

Chinwe Esimai

Managing Director, Chief Anti Bribery and Corruption Office, Citigroup, Inc.

Emeka Afigbo.jpg

Emeka Afigbo

Manager, Developer Programs, Facebook


Adaku Ufere.jpeg

Adaku Ufere

Energy Practice Leader, Africa (Centurion Law Group)

Politics & You! Why it matters

Politics in Nigeria and the diaspora is a favorite topic of discussion for passionate Igbos. This panel will focus on politics in the diaspora as this is an area that Nigerians significantly lack representation. We are closely impacted by bills and policies passed by the government, yet most of us are not intimately involved in this process. We as a community need to come together and educate ourselves on how we can utilize our voices to make an impact no matter how small.

nneka achapu v2.jpg

Nneka Achapu

Executive Director/CEO at the U.S. Bilateral African Chamber 


Chike Ukaegbu.jpg

Chika Ukaegu

Lead Executive, Startup52

ifeoma Ike.jpg

Ifeoma (Ify) Ike, Esq.

Activist, Attorney, and Founder, ThinkRubix

Nigeria is a Sh!thole: The Perception of Our Nation-- A Discussion

In light of the comments made by the President of the United States at the beginning of the year, and the subsequent fallout, Nigerians in the diaspora are in a prime position to control the narrative. This session aims to address the perception of Nigeria by Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. It will be a safe place to air our pride, along with our fears and concerns about our country. Ultimately, the goal is for attendees to be able to sift through the stereotypes and adopt a cleaner, positive, but honest opinion of Nigeria.

EeJay Enekwa.jpeg

Moderated by EeJay Enekwa

UIU Executive Planning Team